Hampton Sun was founded on the idea of pushing the boundaries of suncare, creating uniquely luxurious products that bring a sense of glamour back to sunbathing.

We wanted our products to be special. We didn't want lotions that took forever to rub in. We didn't want oils that left our skin feeling greasy. We didn't want gels that were thick. We wanted sun products that:

1. Made us feel like we were partaking in a uniquely luxurious experience - an experience that we genuinely looked forward to having again & again

2. Imparted rich, golden, long-lasting color without burning & without requiring us to stay out in the sun for hours

3. Were enriched with top-tier ingredients that truly nourished & improved the health of our skin on a deep, long-lasting level

4. Were formulated by industry-leading chemists in the U.S.A.

5. Offered an array of different consistency's - gels, lotions, oils - options to suit whatever we were feeling on any given day or moment

6. Gave us different broad-spectrum SPF level options - the highest of the high to the lowest of the low

7. Looked as good as they worked

8. And of course, instantly transported us to a summer day in the Hamptons

We couldn't find sun products that checked off each of the above, so we created them ourselves. We welcome you to experience our hyper-unique, Hamptons-infused level of luxury. With Each Hampton Sun product, you will find nothing short of the very best.


SALVATORE PIAZZOLLA | CEO/Founder - Salvatore Piazzolla, a Southampton, New York native, had a vision. He wanted to push the boundaries of sun care and create a brand that was uniquely luxurious, bringing glamour back to sunbathing. Along with his partner Grant Wilfley, Salvatore accomplished just that.

Salvatore, only having a professional background in real estate, had no prior experience in the beauty industry. Long hours of research and brainstorming, combined with dedication and self-determination, led him to finally launch a sun and skin care line that would soon pave through the luxury beauty sector and create a space of it's very own - a hyper-unique, timelessly luxe, Hamptons-infused level of grandeur that has become synonymous with the Hampton Sun name.

GRANT WILFLEY | Vice President - Grant Wilfley, native to New York and a Hamptons resident since the late 1980's, is the president/owner of Grant Wilfley Casting, one of the top film and television casting companies in NYC. Grant takes part in the creative aspects of Hampton Sun, researching the newest ideas on the market and incorporating them into Hampton Sun's products. When he's not working two jobs, you will find him relaxing on the beach and catching up with old friends.