the world's most luxurious sunscreen

Hampton Sun was founded on the idea of pushing the boundaries of suncare, creating uniquely luxurious products that bring a sense of glamour back to sunbathing.

We strive to create products that transform your time spent under the sun into an opulent sun-drenched escapade; a lavish experience reminiscent of leisurely summer days spent poolside in the Hamptons.

Apart from offering effective UV protection, we believe sun care should be an indulgent experience; one filled with velvety-smooth textures, invisible finishes, exquisite fragrances, and effortless applications - qualities embodied in each Hampton Sun formula.

Cutting-edge technology and top-tier, skin-focused ingredients are at the core of each Hampton Sun product. From our UV-Advanced sunscreen mists to our sumptuous Classic Sun line, each product is meticulously formulated to offer a superior experience from end to end.

Wherever the sun may take you, we look forward to transforming into an experience like no other.


salvatore piazzolla | rande gerber | grant wilfley

SALVATORE PIAZZOLLA | Co-Owner / Founder / CEO - Salvatore Piazzolla, a Southampton, New York native, had a vision. He wanted to push the boundaries of sun care and create a brand that brought glamour back to sunbathing; a sentiment which he felt was lost in the '70s. Along with his partner Grant Wilfley, Salvatore accomplished just that.

Salvatore, only having a professional background in real estate, relied on long hours of research, forging connections in the sun industry, and sheer passion to kickstart the reality that would soon become Hampton Sun.

Soon after its initial launch, the brand paved its through the luxury beauty sector and created a space of its very own - a hyper-unique, timelessly luxe, Hamptons-infused level of grandeur that is now synonymous with the Hampton Sun name.

RANDE GERBER | Co-Owner - In 2023, a partnership between Gerber and Hampton Sun was born. Gerber discovered Hampton Sun during his stay at the Four Seasons in Miami with his wife, Cindy Crawford. Particularly keen on the way the products felt on his skin, Gerber shared Hampton Sun with his friends and family who ended up loving the formulas equally as much. As the owner of Casamigos Tequila, and the force behind many other superbly-built ventures, Rande brings forth a multi-faceted level of creative expertise to Hampton Sun.

GRANT WILFLEY | Co-Owner / Vice President - Grant Wilfley, native to New York and a Hamptons resident since the late 1980's, is the president/owner of Grant Wilfley Casting, one of the top film and television casting companies in NYC. Grant takes part in the creative aspects of Hampton Sun, researching the newest ideas on the market and incorporating them into Hampton Sun's products.