Dermatologist Recommended

Lance H. Brown, M.D. has offices in New York City and East Hampton and is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the NYU Department of Dermatology. Dr Brown was recognized by New York Magazine as one of the city's Best Doctors in 2016 & 2017.
"I highly recommend Hampton Sun products. The sun's rays are powerful enough to compromise many sunscreens' active ingredients, causing them to quickly lose efficacy.

As a dermatologic surgeon, every day I counsel patients on the medical and anti-aging benefits associated with protecting one's skin from the sun. I recommend this product for its broad spectrum strength, supple feel on the skin, and ease of application, which encourages regular use.

Both the SPF 30 Continuous Mist and SPF 50 for Baby Lotion will find a place in my home this summer. My family will enjoy the benefits of easy application, extended water resistance, and no tears formulation for the kids."

Read an interview with Dr. Lance H. Brown, MD, cosmetic dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon, on why he chooses Hampton Sun.