How to Make Your Sunless Tan Last Longer: The Magic of Erythrulose

How to Make Your Sunless Tan Last Longer: The Magic of Erythrulose


October is here and so is the unwavering desire to hold on to every last bit of our summer glows. Enter: Sunless Tanning.

The allure of a sun-kissed glow is undeniable. It adds a sense of vitality, radiance, and that coveted "just-back-from-vacation" appearance. If you're going out of your way to apply a sunless tanner, it likely means you enjoy being tan, which also likely means you want your sunless tan to last as long as possible, right?

Ahead, we'll discuss a few tricks of the trade that have helped our golden, radiant faux tans (courtesy of our award-winning Sunless Tanning Mist) last up to a week longer, with a special focus on an often-overlooked ingredient: erythrulose. Let's get to it.


The Basics

Sunless tanning products generally utilize a chemical called dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This ingredient reacts with the amino acids on the surface of the skin, creating a temporary pigment that simulates a natural tan. While DHA is effective at providing immediate color, it can fade relatively quickly due to factors like skin exfoliation, swimming, and even sweating. That's where our star ingredient, erythrulose, comes into play.


The Role of Erythrulose

Erythrulose is a naturally occurring sugar found in red raspberries. When used in sunless tanning products, it performs a function similar to DHA—reacting with the skin's amino acids to produce a tan. However, erythrulose takes longer to develop, usually within 24 to 48 hours, and its color lasts longer than that produced solely by DHA. Our Sunless Tanning Mist harnesses the power of both DHA and erythrulose to offer our users the best of both worlds: quick color development and longevity.

Why Does Erythrulose Make a Difference?

  1. Complimentary Effect: When used in conjunction with DHA, erythrulose helps produce a more natural, longer-lasting color. DHA provides the immediate color payoff, while erythrulose takes its time to develop, thereby maintaining the tan's richness over a more extended period.

  2. Reduced Patchiness: Erythrulose's slower development time can reduce the appearance of patches or streaks, common complaints with sunless tanners that use only DHA.

  3. Moisturizing Properties: Unlike DHA, erythrulose has inherent moisturizing properties. This helps the skin to remain hydrated, another key factor in prolonging the life of a sunless tan.

  4. Less Odor: Many people dislike the smell that DHA can produce as it interacts with the skin. Erythrulose is known for having a much milder odor, making for a more pleasant tanning experience (our Sunless Tanning Mist is formulated with our signature Privet Bloom scent. Close your eyes and take in the crisp, clean aroma reminiscent of summers in the Hamptons)

  5. Color Quality: Erythrulose produces a more natural, sun-kissed look that complements the more immediate coloring action of DHA, making for a more convincing and longer-lasting tan.


Tips for Making Your Sunless Tan Last Longer

  1. Exfoliate Before Application: One of the most effective ways to prolong your tan is to prepare your skin through exfoliation. Removing dead skin cells ensures that the tanning product interacts with fresher, younger cells, making the tan last longer. *With our Sunless Tanning Mist, we do not require exfoliation before normal application, as the ultra-fine mist veils skin evenly no matter where on the body. That said, if you're aiming to make your tan last longer than normal (and, trust us, ours lasts long normally!) exfoliation will always help.

  2. Use a pH-Balancing Cleanser: The pH level of your skin can affect how long your sunless tan lasts. Use a pH-balanced cleanser to keep your skin in optimal condition for retaining sunless color.

  3. Apply in Light Layers: Instead of one heavy application, try applying your sunless tanner in lighter layers, letting each one dry fully before applying the next. This technique results in a more even tan that is likely to last longer. The ultra-fine mist technology of our mist lightly veils the skin with product, making layering and customizing your color easy breezy.

  4. Moisturize: While moisturized skin retains sunless tan for a longer period, it's absolutely crucial to opt for a moisturizer that is oil-free to prevent any breakdown of the tan.

  5. Avoid Excessively Long Hot Showers: While long, hot showers are amongst the simple joys of the cooler months for many of us, hot water definitely accelerates the fading process. Try and limit excessively hot showers to under 10 minutes.

  6. Stay Hydrated: Drinking plenty of water is fundamental for skin health and in turn can help maintain the appearance of your sunless tan.

And, that's that! We hope this post helps you hold onto the warm radiance of your sunless tan for as long as possible.


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