The New Weightless SILK Body Oil

The New Weightless SILK Body Oil

You won’t find anything else like it, period!

Over the past year, we have worked tirelessly to exceed perfection with our new SILK Body Oil formula. As with all our products, we did not stop when the formula was simply good enough for people to love, we kept going until it was truly one-of-a-kind, something that is bound to become a staple fixture within our customer’s sunbathing routines because the experience it offers is just that special.

From the start of this process, we knew we wanted to offer a body oil that allowed people to feel physically comfortable, at that, even better than comfortable, while going about their daily activities after applying – no greasy, sand-sticking residue that normally would be wiped off before putting on clothes or at the end of the day. We wanted to create a formula that delicately enveloped the body in a feeling of being wrapped in the finest of silks, and we are both proud and excited to say that we have done just that.

As you know, one of the main pillars of Hampton Sun is creating products that not only do their job and do it well – be it protecting you from the sun or giving you the most beautiful, natural looking sunless tan imaginable – but to also enrich your skin with top-of-the-line ingredients that can be found in your favorite luxe face cream or serum. In other words, we believe in creating products that care for your skin at the core, and our newest formula is no exception.

Here are just a few of the key features of our SILK Body Oil:

Dry oil / non-greasy
Use it as an instant pick-me-up, moisture boost for the skin or as an SPF in the sun
Weightless & ultra-absorbent
+ Hyaluronic Acid
+ Skin-firming botanicals
+ Natural Vitamin E
Subtlety infused with our signature, cult-favorite Privet Bloom scent
Water Resistant (80 minutes)
Broad Spectrum UVA / UVB
Range of SPFs for all skin types
Oxybenzone & Octinoxate-Free
Made in the U.S.A.

Simply put, our SILK Body Oil is what sunning dreams are made of. Whether you’re applying SILK for a day of poolside lounging or just for a dose of super supple-looking, radiant skin (yes, we’re guilty of applying SILK while not even out in the sun), you will be amazed.

You are the reason we put so much time and energy into perfecting each Hampton Sun product. We are so excited for you to try this one out and hear your thoughts!


The Hampton Sun Team

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